Always Dancing                     International Dance Camp

Always Dancing has closed its doors due to an international move, but local dancing continues with Jinnie Tong’s School of Dance, in the same location. For information on dancing in the Chester/Wrexham area, visit the Jinnie Tong School of Dance Facebook Page.

For information on the upcoming Always Dancing International Dance Camps, contact, or visit the Always Dancing Facebook Page.


Quality Dance Tuition for Children and Adults


Classes are based on ballet techniques, with a the general focus on building confidence, strength and flexibility, while encouraging each individual’s own creativity.

Former professional dancer Lia Purcell combines all the the movement techniques she has learned in more than 30 years of dancing into her own style of teaching. Students are taught the basics of ballet, while being encouraged to explore a variety of styles and methods of movement.

As Lia believes that true dancing comes from inside rather than being imposed from without, she gives her students ample opportunity to nurture and share their own creative ideas and strives to keep imagination alive throughout the classes.